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Adopted at the General Conference
May 18, 2007


Chapter. General Principles

ChapterⅡ. Function

  1. To study, recommend, and assist the Government in implementation of economic policies and industrial laws.
  2. To cooperate with the Government in drafting fair and equitable laws and regulations governing local business and industries.
  3. To provide government representatives and members with a forum where issues can be discussed and resolved.
  4. To sponsor seminars to help members acquire better understanding of new laws, regulations, new technology, etc.
  5. To send trade missions abroad, attend international business meeting, and organize meetings in the ROC with foreign businesses.
  6. To regularly schedule meetings for the purpose of exchanging views.  These meetings are designed to familiarize members with specific topics, such as new research, business practices.
  7. To perform research on problems that affect members and provide financial assistance to members on research projects.
  8. To provide miscellaneous services to members who are confronted with exigencies, such as special job training, information services, exhibitions, etc.
  9. To collect materials that promote the relations among members and that act as effective public relations between the Government and the business.
  10. To compile information and disseminate materials, and submit research reports on special topics involving economic policies.
  11. To provide legal consultation and mediation services.
  12. To register and compile records on members and their representatives.

ChapterⅢ. Membership
ChapterⅣ. Organization
ChapterⅤ. Meetings
    The Board of Directors shall hold a General Conference of Representatives each year. Extraordinary General Conferences may be called if necessary.  
ChapterⅥ. Finance
Source of finance:

  1. Admission fee: NT$5,000
  2. Donation: NT$4,000- NT$10,000
  3. Annual Membership fee: NT$3,600- NT$18,000

ChapterⅦ.Supplementary Provision

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